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Donald Trump is not my



What is a president anyway? A figurehead? A symbol? A soldier? A peacemaker? A patriot? A dreamer? A dealer? A public servant? A free agent? A heart throb? A cheerleader? A protector? A conservator? An economist? An intellectual? A statesman? A parent? An idol? A helper? A counselor? An enforcer? A moral compass? A spiritual guide? A preservationist? An explorer? A conqueror? A money maker? An intellectual? A creator?

The president has a desk in an oval-shaped office. What percentage of his time should be spent sitting at it? He also has an airplane. How much should he travel? And where? What else should he have? What apps should he use? Should he tweet? Instagram? Chat by firesides?

Ruminating through photos... I'll continue to add. Until I'm back, be well in America and in the world. This is Biosphere One.

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