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Under the sign of 8—my mind wandered

Dear Rachel,

I was working on building a piano with the elephant poop you so generously provisioned when I was interrupted by a phone call from my mother who was out and about in Austin and ultimately had to hang up because she was worried that someone else was leaving the cake shop—Uh uh this woman has giant bags. I hope she didn't get mine. I'd better run in. OK talk to you later.—with the cake balls she had ordered.

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Stoodio Stormin


What if you could have the studio of your dreams? What would it look like? How would it be furnished? What kinds of tools would it have? What would you make there?

Something I've been wanting to do for a while is put some imagined studios to paper. It's fun to think about spaces I might occupy and the way those spaces might predetermine the things I make and the way the things I make might then be accessed by others.

This is the beginning. The very beginning.

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