Under the sign of 8—my mind wandered

Dear Rachel,

I was working on building a piano with the elephant poop you so generously provisioned when I was interrupted by a phone call from my mother who was out and about in Austin and ultimately had to hang up because she was worried that someone else was leaving the cake shop—Uh uh this woman has giant bags. I hope she didn't get mine. I'd better run in. OK talk to you later.—with the cake balls she had ordered.

My mind wandered.




Elephant poop would make fine cake balls.



Christmas tree ornaments




Easter eggs!
(Did you know that in Germany they decorate trees with eggs at Easter?)




Golf balls
(I'm starting to feel like all of my ideas are way too obvious.)




Hackey sacks




pom poms for DIY pom pom shorts
(for casual)




(for fancy)




Hair pieces




Billiard balls




Neck balls




Molecular modeling balls




Bean bag chairs (for doll houses)




Coins (for gumball machines)








OK. I'm back.