where's your head at

The baseball cap, as we know it, is from Brooklyn. First donned by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860, it was soon widely adopted by other teams and dubbed the "Brooklyn style" cap. Beforehand, brimmed straw hats, jockey caps, cycling caps, and flat-topped caps completed a player's look. Any sort of cap would do. Players got to choose their own. (Imagine a baseball field studded with toques, top hats, and bowlers. Like a game of chess, each player moving in accord with his vestments.) Hats contrived to suit other occasions permeated the ball field. Now, it seems the wind has changed and we find baseball caps everywhere, far beyond the outfield wall. Even fancy French designers fancy the Brooklyn style. 


People hats by Études, reappropriated by David La Spina:



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