Vday? Oh, okay. Sure.


Dating for like ever?
Hating on crowds? I feel ya. For ½ of BAZAZAS, it’s a Valentine’s day tradition to get take-out from a very expensive restaurant. We figure getting to eat something out-of-this-world, with only the person you love in the room, and in just your bra and undies is the ultimate in sumptuous living.
Kinda just met?
Go to Melt Craft in Park Slope for a grilled cheese, kale salad, and hot chocolate or the delicious Ghandi in Lefferts Gardens for those dairy affected folks.
Then ice skating in Prospect Park's new rink. Then hanky panky in the woods. Jk, jeez.
Only the sexy (single) people?!?
Grab your bestie and go to The Painted Pot in Brooklyn. It’s BYOB in the evening on Vday. Last time I did this I made enormous inverted boob bowls, which are still my favorite stew/pasta/salad bowls and I’m happily surprised at the end of the meal. Ooof, the rainbow speckled paint really makes it hard not to go nuts in there.
Got a kid?
Get a sitter and go out to eat... anywhere. Wear lipstick. Have a cocktail. Have another cocktail. Order dessert. Have another kid.
Have fun! It's Friday.