WHAT?! -25 degrees?? Send us a picture! Can you even walk outside? What are the animals doing?

it looks like thick wool leggings under carhartts, four layers up top, big hat, big scarf, big gloves, muck boots, hoping your car will start, running from building to building, face stinging, body aching, numb fingers, dry, pale skin, hunched shoulders, carb cravings, sleeping in sweaters, general cabin fever. i haven't seen an animal in a while actually. i usually see deer on my way to and from the studio. i haven't even noticed the horses in the pastures come to think of it. dogs are pissed they have to wear those goddamn booties if they want to go for a walk.  

otherwise it looks like an average winter day out. its not till you walk outside and feel like you are getting punched in the face that you know its arctic cold. yesterday started at -30 and got up to -11 as the high and i actually said to myself, oh, its warming up. if it gets above zero i'll have to shed my coat as it will feel balmy out.  


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