When in Cameroon





It was my first time in Cameroon. My first time in Africa. My dad, a doctor, was advising the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in the northwest region. My sister and I tagged along.

I worked in the embroidery shop. They have a library of handmade stamps which are stamped on fabric to be used as templates. Patients stitch in the designs, turn their finished pieces into the shop, and make some income from the sales. Having used the same designs for years, they needed some new ones, and I helped out by making drawings for the stamps.

My sister, a librarian, helped organize the hospital library. We also volunteered at the Children's ward, bringing the kids coloring pages and playing tic-tac-toe—a major hit.

It wasn't all work though. We also got to go on hikes in the mountains and visit some of the local markets. And, of course, I left with a head full of images and a camera full of photos.


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