Donald Trump is not my



What is a president anyway? A figurehead? A symbol? A soldier? A peacemaker? A patriot? A dreamer? A dealer? A public servant? A free agent? A heart throb? A cheerleader? A protector? A conservator? An economist? An intellectual? A statesman? A parent? An idol? A helper? A counselor? An enforcer? A moral compass? A spiritual guide? A preservationist? An explorer? A conqueror? A money maker? An intellectual? A creator?

The president has a desk in an oval-shaped office. What percentage of his time should be spent sitting at it? He also has an airplane. How much should he travel? And where? What else should he have? What apps should he use? Should he tweet? Instagram? Chat by firesides?

Ruminating through photos... I'll continue to add. Until I'm back, be well in America and in the world. This is Biosphere One.

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Talking to Rachel Domm about Windows (and imagining I can see what she is thinking)

Rachel Domm made a drawing of her window—wherever it was—everyday for 2014. The resultant 365 drawings are on view at BAZAZAS Eye of the Beholder brick and mortar installation at the Wythe Hotel.

Window Diary
Open Daily February 12–17 from 12–7pm
Window Closing Party February 15 from 5–8pm
the Wythe Hotel
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Under the sign of 8—my mind wandered

Dear Rachel,

I was working on building a piano with the elephant poop you so generously provisioned when I was interrupted by a phone call from my mother who was out and about in Austin and ultimately had to hang up because she was worried that someone else was leaving the cake shop—Uh uh this woman has giant bags. I hope she didn't get mine. I'd better run in. OK talk to you later.—with the cake balls she had ordered.

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