Silver Bells


Gifting is the game of studying objects against the impression of a dear one. We look for items that possess some affinity in form, humor, or utility with an aspect of their spirit. Something they are like, and thus that they will surely like. For the recipient, a gift is a flattering reflection, an unexpected, yet resonant, reading of oneself in the charmed glass of a wayward mirror.

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A Map for Visitors—or the Things we learned about ourselves while working on a map for visitors

On behalf of friends traveling to the NY ART BOOK FAIR from afar, BAZAZAS made a map. We polled friends in Brooklyn and Queens (mostly South Brooklyners—#putyerhandsup #thatsbazazas #werolldeep #prospectpark #wherebrooklynat—because that's our home base) in an effort to catalogue some of the remarkable and unremarkable places of Brooklyn and Queens.

In the process of pointing others toward the good stuff, we learned a lot about ourselves: 

  1. We are divided in our optimism about the benevolence of extraterrestrial beings. 
  2. We are ambivalent about drinking alcoholic beverages and are much more interested in food and procuring things freshly farmed. 
  3. We prefer our homes to public places, unless those public places are parks. 
  4. We relish a private spot in the sun. 
  5. We are equally happy alone. 
  6. We believe our parks a global treasure. 
  7. We describe our world in neighborhoods within our borough and deem the rest, especially most of Manhattan, insignificant. 
  8. We like ethnic food and artisanal supplies. 
  9. We pine for the country and head to the park, where, as it turns out, we also steer visitors.